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We found the website a little while back, but little did we know at the time that it was created by the spectacular mind of Jono Brandel who was also responsible for Anitype, or that it would swiftly be used to create some incredibly elaborate pieces which spread like wildfire online.

Intrigued by the brain behind our new musical, animated procrastination tool, we caught up with Jono to find out a bit more.

But on the rare occasions I use Messenger, I chat briefly with old college friends or random people I know through work.

They don’t know my phone number to send me a text, so they reach me through Facebook.

I wondered if my 35-year-old self was [gulp] getting old. She went on to tell me that the people she texts tend to be strangers, like a person she met once or twice for work.

So I asked a 23-year-old colleague if she uses Messenger. "I just don’t want to have too many connections on Facebook with people I don’t know." This makes a stunning amount of sense.

The site was known for its raunchy, politically incorrect content, and its target demographic (described by Eisner as "people who watch South Park, listen to Howard Stern and read Maxim Eric Eisner and Bruce Forman met at UCLA's Anderson School of Management, where they both earned their MBA degrees in June of 1999.

The Romp (also known as was a Los Angeles-based entertainment website that specialized in original flash animation videos and games.

It began operations in April 2000 and closed in 2005.

Watch the film above for an insight into how the program works!

Up to the point of making the film I had been modelling Patatap similarly to a musical instrument, and now I think of it like an acoustic guitar, in that it enables a person to become a musician.


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