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Edit: If this is in the wrong place in the forum, it can be moved to the appropriate place.I chose 2001-02 due to the temps and snow totals being much worse that winter and we still have another month for this one..As of 7 a.m., Cindy is centered about 40 miles northwest of Lake Charles and is moving north near 12 mph.

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At least 7 deaths have been confirmed, with more than 70 injured and numerous other people missing. The exact cause of the fire is still being investigated, with arson being a possibility. Stika of Knoxville is offering prayers for the fire's victims, while Catholic Charities of East Tennessee is providing aid to those who have lost their homes.

The ability of food to bring people together in a spirit of sharing and giving inspires her writing. Steven translated my love for the style of cooking in the south of France into amazingly beautiful visions for my new!

She earned a degree in Economics from Columbia University and a graduate degree in International Relations from Cambridge University.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee (CNA) - On Thursday, CNN said that one of its affiliate reporters had found a statue of Jesus in the remains of a burnt-down house in Sevier County.

The statue was the only thing standing in the rubble.


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