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The context knows about "My Global" //through a configuration file var global = (My Class)ctx.

Get Object("My Globlal"); //in a different page you can access the instance the same way //as long as you have specified Singleton in your configuration @Henk Holterman - Why is it a "bad idea"?

| remarks: ————————————————————— remarks: | There are two predetermined e BGP session types which | remarks: | customers may use: | remarks: | 1 — Global Internet Access.

CTTC announce | remarks: | customer’s prefixes to all customers, | remarks: | upstreams and peers. | remarks: | | remarks: | 2 — Access to customers and Russian peers.

NET //The context object holds references to all of your objects //You can wrap this up in a helper method IApplication Context ctx = Context Registry.

Get Context(); //Get a global object from the context.

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New Project ( ) Visual Basic Project Project Types ( ) ASP. remarks: ————————————————————— remarks: | Communities for prefix control | remarks: ————————————————————— remarks: | !!! | remarks: | The using of this communities may cause connectivity | remarks: | problems and you must clearly understand what you | remarks: | are doing.Trans Tele Com does not bear any responsibility | remarks: | if there will be such troubles.Squeeze Net v1.0 with Residual Connections, which delivers higher accuracy without increasing the model size.Squeeze Net v1.0 with Dense→Sparse→Dense (DSD) Training, which delivers higher accuracy without increasing the model size. Web Sharing ( Web-), Share this folder ( ) Edit Alias ( ) Web- , ..


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