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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA LIBRARIES COLLEGE COLLECTION THE RUSSIAN PUSH TOWARD JAPAN THE RUSSIAN PUSH TOWARD JAPAN Russo-Japanese Relations, 1697-1875 BY GEORGE ALEXANDER LENSEN PROFESSOR OF HISTORY THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY o 1971 OCTAGON BOOKS New York Copyright © 1959 by George Alexander Lensen Reprinted 1971 by special arrangement with George Alexander Lensen OCTAGON BOOKS A Division of Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc. It has been shaped by centuries of intercourse between Russians and Japanese, dating back to 1697, the year of the first recorded encounter of a Japanese cast- away and a Russian explorer.

10003 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 75-120640 ISBN-0-374-94936-0 Printed in U. As late as June, 1945 — only two months before Russia plunged into the Far Eastern holocaust — a former prime minister of Japan and one-time ambassador to Moscow told the Soviet ambassa- dor that "if the Soviet Army and the Japanese Navy were to join forces, Japan and the Soviet Union together would become the strongest powers in the world." The Japanese attitude toward Russia today cannot be understood solely in terms of political and economic ideology.

When you download them from either of these stores, ZDoom will automatically find them. A full-fledged level and resource editor for Doom; which supports most *ZDoom features. A level editor with complete support of *ZDoom features. ACS script compiler for use with ZDoom and/or Hexen. Its most important feature is that it knows about polyobjects, but it can also build GL nodes if you don't want to wait for gl BSP to do it.

At the time of writing, it is also the only nodebuilder with UDMF support.

Yet in the years between 19 the two countries allied their efforts, and there were men in Japan who wished to do so again on the very eve of the Soviet Union's entry into the Pacific phase of the Second World War.

In our own day studies of the Russo-Japanese War, of the fishery disputes, the Siberian intervention, the frontier clashes of the 1930's, and of the political and territorial differences in the years since World War II, have left the impression of an "historical enmity" between Russia and Japan.

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