Is harry styles dating ali mcginley who is nicole dating snooki

and yes, Niall and Demi have crushes on each other but Demi said that she would not date him.

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Granted, unless they’re dating Taylor Swift, sometimes we don’t really care about them much. Now, a celebrity IQ is different from a normal person’s IQ because a celebrity really only has 3 goals in life: 1. While he totally put his heart on the line by spending a couple nights with the young, crazy blonde country singer who feeds off of failed relationships, any guy who holds Taylor Swift’s hand is going to get media attention. Actually, a lot of questions asked, but still good for publicity. While this failed relationship might have been another one of Taylor’s doings, I have to say that I think Harry might’ve ended this one. I think you should try Niall next, maybe he won’t cheat on you.

No he does not have a girl friend and most girls are glad that he is not dating any one right now but he is looking for a girl with a big appitite like me and he is obsessed with the Irish people he is an emotional guy and for most people yes it is hard to hide your expressions do not lie good luck! :) I wonder why she won't go out with him, too! Just yesterday it has been said that Niall indeed does have a girlfriend drama student Amy Green but we do not know for sure but many sources have stated that they are including 1Ds friend interviewer sugarscape No. Everyone claims he does and wiki claims that he is dating a girl named Zoe Whelan. Niall, Liam and Harry are the only single guys in One Direction.

I have no idea why she wouldn't, but she won't so our little Nialler's safe! I am not sure..., I don't think they do, sorry, I am not a hater, I just don't think they would make a good couple....

Right now he's dating Victoria's secret Model Barbara Palvin.

Honestly, i don't like her she's half nude all the time and ugly.


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