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Heritage- Andrew Jackson’s house- cotton plantation (1776-1845) 130 slaves, largest plantation in Tennessee, 7 president, slave cabins have been investigated- lived in single rooms made out of brick (some duplexes); located on 3 acres; fire places for heating and cooking, attic was a bedroom for children; lots of animal bones fur trading outpost in 1827, 1826-1847 used to house soldiers, Indians and settlers; La Salle and his French Colony, Ft. Louis: didn’t last long, murdered by one of his men, colony attacked except for a few children, Spanish buried the people and cannonsmost controversial; Freedman’s Cemetery in Dallas African Community Cemetery; only 300 death certificates out of 3,000 bodies; eternal data and external data; Little Bighorn Battlefield: human remains found and several burials, Sergeant Edward Botzer Latin for "limit after which," is used to indicate the date after which an artifact must have been deposited.For example, if an archaeological site contains coins dated 1588, 1595, and others dated 1590 - 1625, the historic artifacts change over time and changes can be measured in years via a mathematical formula; pipe stem dating; SC Harrington- earliest founders of Early American historical archaeology; Lewis Binford: Regression Formula was based on Harrington’s observations of pipe stemshistorical event maps (Gettysburg and Boston Tea Party), Directory maps (pre phone books-name, address, occupation) atlas map (showed individual structures, Sonborn Fire Maps), Bird’s eye view maps (works of art, fairly accurate, reliable source of information), Specialized Map (plantation plans, boundaries of parcel, show location of buildings), Utility maps (show where pipes and sewers were located; 1840) Century Maps (large scale maps) State Mandate Maps (states required counties to conduct surveys and must show everything) County Maps (large wall maps, 1850-1880, sold by subscription) Atlas Maps (property ownership placed by real estate maps, continued to be published to 20Historic archaeology- deal with archaeology of the recent past, deals with shorter periods of time, can study known people, can study peoples whose general histories are known but whose daily lives are not well documented.

The exterior of the house is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2014.He has been called the "father of historical archaeology in America".While studying at the University of Chicago, Harrington received the nickname "Pinky" for his red hair and the bright shade of pink he turned when exposed to the sun.He would be known to his friends and colleagues as "Pinky" from graduate school onward. His mother who was named Patricia and father named Edwards were both teachers, though his father later became a school superintendent.This led Harrington's family to relocate to a series of small Michigan towns, including Scottville, Ypsilanti, Vasser, and Albion, during his youth.We will take a look at some of these techniques here.


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