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If you divorce, in a culture where employment rates of women are very low, if your family of origin doesn’t take you back, you’re in a really dire situation. On the one hand, they want love-based marriages, but they still haven’t given up on traditional norms about women’s behavior. JA: In the Quran, male homosexuality is a punishable sin but female homosexuality is not mentioned.

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Only complete responses were considered for the present analysis.

There is a 4% margin of error, which is calculated based on the reported number of Internet users in Iran by Social networking websites are considered to be most susceptible to facilitating online sexual harassment (35% of responses).

This is respectively followed by online dating websites and applications (26%) and messaging applications such as Telegram, Whats App and Viber (25%).

At the same time, male same-sex, status-defined relationships were tolerated so long as the sexually subordinate partner was lower status and the relationship took place in private spaces (houses, palaces) rather than public ones (parks and gardens).

Elite men routinely kept boy concubines in their residences, for example.


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