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But I’d just like to remind Mr Falcone that sleeping with 500 different women is not particularly big or clever.It shows you can close the deal, it shows you’re efficient when it comes to rattling through the numbers; but it doesn’t say much for your technique if they’re not coming back for seconds.Meanwhile, Stephen Bear's approach to his first date was typically Bear, asking if she had a rule on the number of dates before having sex.He announced: "I'm horny," before she replied: "It's not happening."But that didn't stop Bear also sharing his first date kissing technique: When she turned him down, he revealed he hadn't really fancied her at all because "her hands were too big". His behaviour on the show eventually leads to him getting kicked off and even banned from attending the launch party, so more drama is inevitably following. His decision to ignore the rule of dating 'normals' and instead hook up with Stephanie Pratt last year got him in trouble with matchmakers Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex.

Yet as we know, a 16 year old cant by a pornographic magazine that depicts the acts she/he probably engages in every night with there lawfully wedded partner.

The chart below illustrates how this works: Traditionally, the idea that larger women are more likely to have sex on a first date, has been linked with supposed issues around low self-esteem and reduced confidence.

So it is interesting to see the same effect in taller women too - 5'9" and above - an attribute we might associate with high self-esteem and increased confidence.

For example, does body shape predict first date outcome? The answer to both questions is yes: As we will see, first date outcomes are significantly predicted by all sorts of characteristics which users freely divulge on a typical dating site profile. We surveyed 10,000 Free uk members with a single multiple choice question: How far you would go on a first date?

They were presented with a series of answers ranging from no physical contact to would go all the way.


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